Public Relations (PR) Services

Public Relations (PR) means establishing a relationship through communication with the public.PR Marketing’s main importance is to attract clients. Our purpose while doing PR Marketing for the clients we focus on marketing like projecting the brand directly in front of clients instead of taking the brand into an emotional story-line. 

  • What is Brand
  • Why are we Selling it?
  • How are we doing it? And Why will they purchase?

All the above question’s answers you’ll get from doing the SkyyGoals’ PR Service. And this is what PR establishes for, it’s like direct communication which helps any brand for their goodwill growth.

2 Types of Public Relation (PR):  

Physical PR –  In this the physical presence or “eyeballs” if any brand does their outdoor advertisements than how many eyeballs do we get. By doing collaborations with different well-known influencers for your brand, we keep our eye on how much public is getting engaged, media, etc. types of activities are involved 

Digital PR – In this, we create a strong web presence of the brand online and increase by using buzz marketing and innovative campaigns to drive awareness of their products and their brand, at the same time as promoting a particular product or a service. Which helps to raise the brand identity in the public.

What we offer you in PR Service

We can do PR for your brand on several channels/platforms depending on your industry basis. We can publish your media articles on sites like from Regional News Site, State News Sites, and National News Sites depending upon your needs. Media Articles defers a lot to a person to the person’s profile. If for example, you’re into fitness then we’ll provide only fitness-related articles, or if you’re a business person or an entrepreneur then we’ll be creating news related articles like Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magzine, Economic Times, NDTV, etc. 

We offer publications on National news sites like Times Of India (TOI), Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, India Today, Your Story, The Queen, The Statesman, Free Press Journal, Deccan Chronicle, etc. So, if you want to build the strong web presence of your brand then contact us now!

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